Hello, my name is Jaap van Emmerik and I live in the area of Rotterdam (Holland).

My analog period

I have been photographing since I was a child. Started with 24 x 36 roll film in a simple Kodak kamera, via a Zenith reflex and finished with a complete Canon F1 equipment. After this period I sold everything and I only photographed with simple automatic cameras with a 110 cassette camera in an around the house. Moreover, working in the dark room was not my thing.

My digital period

With the arrival of the digital cameras, my interest came back including the post-editing of the photos with Lightroom and Photoshop CC as well as various plug-ins. At the moment I work with Canon and Fujifilm (semi) professional equipment. Because I wanted to know more about all aspects of photography, I followed the professional photography course at the Fotovakschool in Rotterdam.

Subjects that appeal to me are portrait photography, the harbour, evening photography and landscapes where I do not really want to choose a favorite. I don't want to block trips to other topics such as still life photography and macro photography.

One of my favorites is street photography. Strolling around a city and photographing everyday life in black and white.

There is some of my work on this website that I hope will appeal to the viewer and I'm also active on a daily basis on Instagram with my street photography:

www.instagram.com/jaapsstreetphotography  or  


Member of Fotoclub 80 in Poortugaal

This is me.

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